Welcome to PETLYN FARM


In less than an hours drive from downtown Toronto you’re in Caledon East on a glorious private property in the heart of the Albion Hills called PETLYN FARM.

You could put fresh air on the top of your agenda. You could then discuss the acres of rolling paddocks, forests and trails. After that, you might invite comments on the incredible stable and the lovely horses.

PETLYN FARM provides the perfect ambience for any size clinic, course, retreat or getaway weekend. A large, comfortably furnished 32 x 34 room overlooking the riding arena is available as a teaching area. With an adjoining open kitchen, serving coffee and tea is a breeze with everything right at hand and we can even provide scrumptious and healthy meals.

Accommodation can be arranged in our charming Valleyview Cottage, the Farm House, or the Alcove. We offer accommodation for horses too! Whether you are here for a clinic or just want spend a night or two away and ride the trails during the day, there are 4 outside stalls or quiet paddocks available for rent. The trails are also open to anyone for a daily use fee. There are acres of these scenic trails to walk and ride that take you through fields and forests. The wildlife is ever so close and the views will take your breath away.

When you want a truly wonderful environment for your event, a fabulous getaway weekend, or a stunning set of trails to ride, PETLYN FARM is the answer. The friendly staff will make certain your experience is unforgettable. For more information and to arrange a preliminary visit call 905 584-0038.